Mission / Vision

Our Mission

”Be an agent of positive change by reaching the community through Christ-centred, Bible based Church and empowering people to be like Christ”

Our Vision

"Guide and support people and communities to reach their full potential by tapping into Christ's reservoir of richness"

Who We Serve

Through your contribution/partnership Sydney Pentecostal Fellowship helps individuals, families, churches, communities and charity organisations to be the salt and light of the society.

Why We Serve

We the Church understand the great calling of Christ to serve the people and community the way He served. Jesus said “whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant” Matthew 20:26. We serve with this motto to rise up a powerful community that will be like Him.

How We Serve

By demonstrating God's love and by offering people the necessary skills and opportunities to fish on the right side of life’s boat, we remain optimistic to witness productive lives, effective and dynamic individuals, families and communities rise up for Christ.