Sunday School

9:15AM – 10:00AM, every Sunday at Church

The school starts with praise and worship and then kids learn scripture from dedicated teachers in relevant age groups. At Sunday School, our children enjoy getting to learn about God through Bible stories, songs, scripture memorisation and art projects.

This is a great environment for kids to learn to pray for one another, ask questions about God, nurture their desire to obey God and care for the people around them. We believe that every child has the potential to understand and experience God's love in their own way as well as be a channel of that love to their friends and family.

God has placed parents, teachers and mentors in these young lives as a tangible evidence of God's care, guidance and protection over them and to allow them to mature into the persons God desires them to be.

We also conduct a Kids Bible study on third Saturday of every month at 6PM to 8PM.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more details or information.

Fasting and All Night Prayer

We believe that fasting and prayer is very important for the growth of the church. A combined all night prayer and fasting is held on the 1st Saturday of every month at the church. This helps the church to grow in faith and unity.

Chain Prayer

Chain prayer is a 24 hour continuous prayer where the church members pray in their homes at different time slots for the needs of individuals, families, community, for the homeless, churches/ministries in India and around the world etc.

We hold a special midnight prayer meeting on every Friday at 10.00PM to 12.30AM for all those who are seeking healing from different illness at our church premise. If you would like us to pray for you or your family, friends, church or any other issues please Contact Us.

Youth Ministry

Youth meetings are held every second Sunday of the month after the Sunday worship at 12:30 pm. This is a great opportunity for you to have fellowship and fun with youths of your age and understand God better in a secure and loving environment. We have also started an English worship to cater to different language and ethnic groups. Please Contact Us for more details.

Women's Ministry

The Women of SPF meet at church on every first and third Saturday of the month at 6PM to 8PM. The purpose of the gathering is to endeavour to foster an atmosphere where women can realise spiritual maturity and fellowship, develop their leadership skills, minister in the local church and their community and ultimately grow in their faith in Christ. Please feel free to Contact Us for more details or information.